Monday, October 5, 2009

So what does it all "mean"?

The actual question my Brilliant Editor asked was, "What is your book going to be about?"  He went on to say, "I want to know the hook you'll pitch to an agent."  Okay, let me answer these questions in reverse order:
  1. I have no idea yet how I'm going to pitch this new version to an agent.
  2. That's a really good question ... let me get back to you in a few days ...
So you're probably thinking, oh god, poor delusional writer wannabe-person.  If you can't answer those 2 simple questions, why not give up now?  Well, from the supportive feedback I've gotten so far, I know you're not really saying that, but of course, my "inner demon" is!  But my guardian angels of writing (I commented on someone's blog that that's how I think of all those supportive elementary school teachers who encouraged my creative writing endeavors through the years) keep whispering, "Ignore that d@#n demon!"

So here's the deal:  it's not that I'm completely in the dark as to the theme and story structure of Draft #2.  It's just that, at the moment, it's sort of like a fascinating dream I've just woken up from.  I know it was good, and that it captivated me while I was having it, but upon waking, the edges become blurred, and I can't articulate exactly what it was about that dream that made it so enthralling.  That's pretty much how I feel about my current storyline.  It's embedded in the recesses of my mind right now, but each day, I come a little closer to being able to put it into words.  So I'm confident that, once I work through a few more characterization exercises, and eventually get around to putting "pen-to-paper," I'll be able to share the wonder and glory of what's going on deep inside my head with all of you!


  1. That's kind of how I feel about a new book idea, like it's a dream I've woken up from, and I feel as soon as I do write it down it will lose its magic. So I hold onto ideas as just ideas for awhile.

  2. Haha, when I was a kid, I'd always have these great creative ideas in the shower. But then when I'd sit down at my desk to write them out, my heart (and shoulders) would slump b/c I'd realize that steamy water made everything a lot more romantic and powerful than it actually was. ;-)- I agree ... best to keep ideas to oneself until they come to full form on their own.

  3. My new WIP is very foggy still. I doubt I'll really be able to say what it is about until I have it all written and revised. Don't feel discouraged. I think we all feel like this sometimes. Sometimes the process is so slow that I feel like I'll never have a complete book but it comes together in the end.

  4. Interesting thought - that you might not be able to say what your WIP is about until you've finished. Those certainly are encouraging words, Natalie!