Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Anything to help inspire ...

This post doesn't really deal directly with revision, but could theoretically be applied to any stage of the writing process.  In short, be original in your means of seeking inspiration.  Along those lines, I wanted to share some "artwork" I did early on in my novel writing endeavors.  Some of you may be thinking, why on earth would a writer waste her time gluing together a collage (okay, two collages) as part of some fantasy that her manuscript actually had a cover jacket?  Well, there's your answer - a little fantasy goes a long way in the inspiration department when you're writing creatively.  You'll see that the first version is rather busy with people; this did wonders for my ability to visualize my main characters interacting during one particular scene early in the book.  

As I reached the halfway point of my writing, I began to feel a cooler, sleeker vibe from my protagonist - she was now no longer a country girl, but a city pseudo-sophisticate.  So I 
cobbled together Jacket Cover #2 to reflect this transformation.  

Who knows what cover art I'll come up with once I start actually revising my novel!

POTENTIAL NOVICE WRITER SIN:  Don't be stifled by the conventions of creativity ... sure, free-writes are wonderful, but if you feel like composing a song to your writing, baking a cake your protagonist might make, or slapping together a jacket cover collage, go for it!  Getting all your senses involved can only help your writing.

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